Contemplating Heaven

Walking with Jesus - Contemplating Heaven

Behold I am doing a new thing, it is already happening, don’t you perceive it. (Is 43:19a) Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole earth is filled with his Glory. (Is 6:3b) 

I was just thinking about my last course in Biosynthesis, when I graduated to be a somatic coach and therapist, how I felt, that I had to facilitate the cross over for my original family, to reach Heaven here on earth. I felt guilty of leaving them behind, when I found Heaven in the here and now.

The realization hit me a few weeks ago, that those, that I wanted to bring along with me, have already arrived: my Mommy, by dying to this world, passing on in April last year, having arrived in Eternity, in the arms of Jesus forever, my sister, when she met her new husband and moved away. My dad, I wanted him to find this all surpassing peace and joy here on earth, and I am learning, that it is his choice, and he may choose yet another version of Heaven – one where he can still do, what he knows best: being active and dodging the curveballs or bullets, life throws at him. The same goes for my brother – they all find the peace of heaven, they intend to find, the plan, that God has placed in their lives.

Their Heaven does not necessarily have to look like mine. I have to let go. Mine is mine, and mine only. Even the people I connect with on a more spiritual level, they all have a different desire in their hearts, a definition, what Heaven is for them – one that is very personal and individual.

The Heaven my ex-husband came to find on earth, looks different to mine as well – I had to learn, to see, what Jesus sees, to appreciate their personal wisdom, the wisdom God gives them in their lives. The talents and gifts, he gave them – those are the ones that need to be recognized and appreciated, and not twisted and shaped, to fit my innermost version of Heaven.

I am very grateful for this new realization, which takes a load off my shoulders, as I know, I am allowed to walk into my personal Heaven/Paradise, without fearing, that I am leaving loved ones behind. They will get to their heaven and we will still be able to interact, in a more loving, appreciative way. We do not have to inhibit the same space. To each and everyone their own, according their faith it shall be given unto them. Amen


-In his Glory,
Youschka Charlotte

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